Alpine bugs

The term “bugs” is an unofficial and indeed informal expression for evertebrates (ryggradsløse dyr). It includes insects of all kinds, both terrestrial and aquatic, as well as non-insect arthropods, such as spiders and harvestmen. Bugs also includes snails and crustaceans. For the sake of simplicity I also included frogs, although they belong to the vertebrates (virveldyrene). Even more informal and unofficial is the word “bugster”, a person taking an interest in bugs. I met the word bugster in John Acorn´s inspiring book Bugs of British Columbia. A bugster is a person fascinated by insects and alike and who enjoy them for no other reason than their intrinsic niftinness. In this gallery I collected images of some of the bugs I met at Fillefjell. There are certainly many more to discover and the ones shown here are just some of many. Enjoy!