Garden Wildlife

Our garden is not a traditional one. A small section is for herbs, another one is for peonies (my wife is particularly fond of them) and other flowers, and one section is for berries and fruit trees (apples and plums). Other parts of the plot can hardly be called garden, but a semi-natural area (a “natural garden”!), with pine trees, heather, juniper bushes and other native plant species. Our garden is inhabited by an amazingly large number of plants, insects, invertebrates, birds, and mammals. For some species this area is used for permanent growth and for nesting, and for others it is used as a source for food or shelter. Some species are residential, some are seasonal, some are migrants, some are annuals and and others are perennials. At least six bird species have been found nesting: starling, great tit, blue tit, pied flycatcher, and robin. Three other species possibly nest there too: wood pigeon, hooded crow and wren.